How to upgrade CircleOS...

To upgrade the CircleOS of your Primer (version 4.61)

1. Download...

2. Unzip the file.

3. Launch the batch...

    • Reinstall_stm32_primer_demo.bat, for Primer1(circle)
    • Restore_Primer2_Circle_Factory.bat, for Primer2
    • Restore_Evo_STM32E_Circle_Factory.bat, for EvoPrimer STM32F103VE
    • Restore_Evo_STM32G_Circle_Factory.bat, for EvoPrimer STM32F103VG
    • Restore_Evo_STM32C_Circle_Factory.bat, for  EvoPrimer STM32F107VC
    • Restore_Evo_STM32L_Circle_Factory.bat, for  EvoPrimer STM32L152VB
    • Restore_Evo_STM3240G_Circle_Factory.bat, for  EvoPrimer STM32F407IG
    • Restore_Evo_STM3242x_Circle_Factory.bat, for  EvoPrimer STM32F429ZI


To upgrade the CircleOS for your Ride7 environment

From the zip file above

1. Extract the .elf file

2. Copy this file to RIDE\LIB\ARM\CircleOS (overwrite the original file). 

To upgrade the source files of CircleOS

From the Projects section...

1. Get the latest CircleOS project file

2. Unzip and use this project file

To upgrade your RIDE environment

Go to the Raisonance website.


Note : The downloads available in the  Projects section have been updated for Primer2. Two projects Primer1 / Primer2 are now available. Moreover, a few projects have been modified to work on Primer2. For example, 'Chess' now accepts the touchscreen as inputs.


Why to upgrade ?

CircleOS V4.62 (latest) versus V3.1 (Primer 2), or V4.0x (EvoPrimer) factory default

  • New API functions to simply manage extension connector pins
  • New file system FatFS for more efficiency and functionnalities
  • Application full screen management possibility
  • Compressed BMP images support (RLE)
  • New fonts and transparency functionalities
  • Touchscreen precision improved with third calibration point and new calibration procedure
  • Application autorun possibility
  • CMSIS 1.30 and ST library 3.5 upgrade
  • Joystick diagonals managed
  • New applications within the from last contest : MP3 player, Drummer...
  • New audio capabilities (44 KHz wave files read)
  • New mass storage mode in order to load files on SDCard directly by USB connection
  • Character set extended (new ascii characters from 127 to 255)
  • New File System (FAT & FAT32) and explorer to navigate through the SDCard tree structure
  • New graphical interface takes advantage of the quality of the color display 
  • Touchscreen can be used for intuitive, ergonomic navigation within menus/scroll list
  • Hardware check distinguishes between Primer1 and Primer2 at startup
  • New API functions 
  • Various bug fixes...