Evo Primer for STM32F429

 Information and documents provided here are for the following products:



   STM3242IPRIMER  Open4-STM32F429ZI   Product containing complete primer -- base and STM32F429xI target board.
   STM3242IPRIM-D  O4DB-STM32F429ZI   Product containing STM32F429xI target board only.

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Downloads for EvoPrimer for STM32F42xI on this page include software tools, complete documentation of the Primer and virtually all of the components implemented in its design, and schematics that you are free to use and download.

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Chrom-ART DMA2D features

Chrom-ART Accelerator™ is the commercial name for STMicroelectronics’ implementation of their DMA2D peripheral on the STM32F429. The DMA2D, or 2 dimensional Direct Memory Access peripheral and its integrated features make it particularly advantageous for managing graphics. It features:

  • Two input pixel format converters (PFC) to read and decode bitmap files
  • A blender to compute and mix data from the two input PFC
  • An output PFC, which decodes the information to be sent to the destination.
  • FIFOs for both inputs and outputs
By integrating blending, encoding and decoding functionality in the microcontroller itself, ST relieves the core and the application code of these tasks. The DMA2D greatly simplifies coding of applications that display graphics (bitmaps), multiple graphic objects, layered objects, transparency and moving graphics on a color LCD display.

The STM32F429 EvoPrimer and Open4 examples provided here, ease implementation of a range of graphic effects using the DMA2D peripheral and an API to facilitate programming. The source files for the DMA2D can also be easily implemented on the users own hardware with an STM32F429 processor.

A video showing the DMA2D demonstration application is provided here.


The site’s FAQ  and the following documents will help you understand and use your EvoPrimer for STM32F42I:



Extracted from the Target Board's bill-of-materials:

 #  Reference  Manufacturer  Description  Link
 U2  STM32F429ZIT6  STMicroelectronics

STM32 ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller
High Performance & DSP Line
(2048k FLASH)

Official STM32 page
Application notes

 U4  STA529Q  STMicroelectronics  Audio DAC / Codec   datasheet
 U1  W9816G6IH-6  Winbond  2MB SDRAM   datasheet
 U6  EMIF02-USB03F2  STMicroelectronics  USB protection   datasheet
 U9  STMPS2141STR  STMicroelectronics  Power USB protection   datasheet
 U3  L6920DB  STMicroelectronics  Step up 5V regulator   datasheet
 U7  LD3985M18R  STMicroelectronics  LDO 1V8 regulator   datasheet
 U5  NCS2211DR  ON Semiconductor  Low distorsion audio power apmlifier   datasheet
 L3-L5  BLM18A  Murata  Ferrite Bead 1K   datasheet
 L1,L6-L7  BLM15A  Murata  Ferrite Bead 120R   datasheet


Extracted from the Base unit's bill-of-materials:

 #  Reference  Manufacturer  Description  Link
 U1  M74HC4066  STMicroelectronics  Quad bilateral switch   datasheet
 U3  STM32F103VET6  STMicroelectronics

STM32 microcontroller
(embedded RLinkP)

 U5  LIS3LV02DL  STMicroelectronics

MEMS INERTIAL SENSOR: 3-Axis - ± 2g/± 6g Digital Output Low Voltage Linear Accelerometer

Application notes

 U6  USBLC6-2SC6  STMicroelectronics  ESD protection   datasheet
 U7  TFDU4300-TR1  Vishay  IrDA transceiver module   datasheet
 U8  L6924D  STMicroelectronics  Battery Supervisor   datasheet
 U12,U15  74V1G02STR  STMicroelectronics  Logical NOR gate   datasheet
 U17  L5980  STMicroelectronics  Step Down regulator   datasheet
 J7  LCM-TGG000240YP04-24  WINSTAC Display

320x240 color LCD with touchscreen


D1, D5, D6, D7

 BAT60  STMicroelectronics  Schottky diode   datasheet
 D2  BAT54J  STMicroelectronics  Schottky diode   datasheet
 D8  SM2T3V3A  STMicroelectronics   3V3 Transil Diode   datasheet
 D9  SM2T6V8A  STMicroelectronics   6V8 Transil Diode   datasheet
 T1  Battery Li-Ion  LIPNEG  Li-Ion battery 400mA   datasheet
 K1  WM-61B  Panasonic  Microphone   datasheet
 K2  KDMG20008  Kingstate  Loud speaker   datasheet
 SW1  TPA511GLFS  C&K  Multi-direction switch   datasheet
 JP1  ALPS SSSS213100  ALPS  Mini slide switch   datasheet
 Q5  BSS123  Fairchild  Channel N MOFSFET   datasheet