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Mandelbrot Fractal Viewer 1.1
This application renders the Mandelbrot fractal on the Primer screen. You can zoom and navigate, as well as render the Julia set corresponding to the current cursor coordinates.

Code size:10kB Author:dersimon
Source files included:yes Version:1.1
Use circleOS:yes (1.7) Creation date:2008-02-08 15:53:59
Hardware modification:no Modification date:2009-01-22 10:51:11
Based on the STM32 Primer:All
Downloads:2308 Views:27706
Average ratings:2.88/5 (1179 rates)

Download: (137 KB)



Revision by Raisonance :

The archive is updated with a Ride project adapted to Primer2.


- Rendering the Mandelbrot fractal in realtime (from left to right)
- Colorful presentation using different color look-up-tables (LUT)
- Julia sets can be displayed, too.
- The green LED shows rendering activity
- Button press can abort rendering after 20 rendered lines
- CircleOS screen rotation is supported
- Zooming in and out using a cross hair cursor to select the zoom square
- Cursor click uses shock detection (tap on the STM32Primer case)
- Deep zoom with automatically used double precision mode
- Menu to switch to Julia set, change colors and iteration depth, reset to default coordinates and quit
- You can import any custom uncompressed 24bit BMP file as color LUT (width>=64, height=1) into the source code with the included Ruby scripts