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2009 Contest Rules & Conditions

Enter the STM32 Primer2 Design Competition!

$10,000 in prizes will be awarded for creative application designs on the STM32 Primer2!

Submit your projects to Raisonance here at the stm32circle website, for the opportunity to win valuable prizes including a $5,000 first place cash prize.

When to enter:

Submit your projects now:


December 15 2008

The competition will be officially launched.


June 12-26 2009

The projects will need to be entered on the website


June 30 2009

The entered projects will be visible on the website by the 30th June 2009.

Selection of the winners

July 31 2009

By the panel of judges.

Prize presentation

Before August 15 2009

The winners wil be individually contacted and the prizes will be sent during the last 2 weeks in March 2008.

Project Details:

Every participant can enter more than one project. Every "project" must follow these guidelines:


Projects must use an original, unmodified "STM32 Primer2 designed by Raisonance. OPTIONAL hardware extensions can be used, with respect of the following:

  • the extension must be simple (maximum 50 electronic components). It could feature some additional sensors (temperature, pressure, ... ).
  • the connection to the STM32 Primer2 must be done either through the USB connector (using or not the USB protocol) or through the extension connector (on the bottom side of the STM32 Primer2). With every project, the added components must be commercially available.

For every project containing added hardware components, the participant must supply the schematic and send a prototype to Raisonance of all the additional components (without the STM32 Primer2). The additional hardware must be received at Raisonance before the closure of the competition. (Before the 26 June 2009).


Software tools: the Project must be developed using the RKit-ARM from Raisonance.

Software source: the complete project source files must be supplied as well as the executables. Note that all the projects will be published on the website. Therefore, the participants must accept the rules of this web site.
Software architecture: the project must be programmed like an application which would be compatible with CircleOS. It must be able to coexist with other "CircleOS compliant" applications. The CircleOS version to be used will be the most recent, which will be published on the 1st April 2009.

Project objectives: Your project can be a game or a useful application (a scientific goal, etc...). The projects mustn’t contain any risks for other users nor for third party users (i.e. the project mustn’t contain anything dangerous or destructive).

Documentation, comments: every project must be accompanied by a document describing the software and the hardware components used (if any). All source files must be readable and clearly commented on.

Acceptable formats of documents are Microsoft Word and ASCII text. Acceptable formats for graphic files such as photographs, block diagrams, screen shots and schematics are JPG and PDF.

All documentation and comments must be written in English. 

Who may submit a project?

Everyone can enter, considering the following exceptions:

  • The Raisonance S.A.S employees and the judges of the competition are not authorized to participate.
  • Anyone living in a country, province, or state where the competition is prohibited, taxed, or otherwise restricted under national, federal, provincial, state and local laws, rules, or regulations is ineligible.
  • Participants who are residents of a country, state, or province that prohibits unregistered contests or requires the organiser of the competition to post a bond are ineligible.
  • Participants who are residents of a country where this type of competition is not authorized under certain conditions (particularly your age) must verify these conditions.
  • All participants can enter more than one project.

How to submit a project:

The Projects must be submitted through the Internet on the website.

The participants must fill in a registration form during the 2 week submission period (12-26 June 2009). The registration form will not allow project registrations before the 12 June.

The registration form will contain the following information:


Email address (corresponding with login ID)

Surname, name and address. This information will only concern the winners and will be asked directly by email.


All participants must certify that they comply with all the eligibility conditions.

Project title

The project title mustn’t include more than 40 characters.


Description of the project (no more than 512 characters).

Attached project (zipped)

The project will be posted as a unique ZIP file containing all files, executables and documentation. The participant must confirm that all files and sources used respect all the copyright trading laws. Also the participants must accept that their project will be published on the STM32Circle web site with others so that the project is visible for others to see (the projects will be visible by the end of the submission period).

The participant must also certify that the software application used respects all the software specifications written in the chapter above.

Optional hardware

If the project has hardware elements included, the participant must certify that all these elements are in accordance with the hardware specifications written in the chapter above.

If you win, the prototype will be kept at Raisonance.
If you don''t win, Raisonance can send the prototype back to you if you wish.

Please indicate on a letter the title of the project, your name/address/email and if you would like us to send back your prototype.

The Raisonance address is the following:

Raisonance  S.A.S.
17, avenue Jean Kuntzmann
F-38330 Montbonnot
Tel:    (+33)  4 76 41 81 30























How to win:

All entered projects will be judged by the panel of judges selected by Raisonance on the following:

  • Originality: 40%,
  • External quality” (users point of view): 40%,
  • “Internal quality” (of the design): 20% .

Participants must agree to abide by all the decisions made by Raisonance and the judges, which shall be final and binding with respect to all issues relating to the competition.

The judges will be chosen by Raisonance according to their knowledge and experience within the microcontrollers field. A forum and other medias could be setup by

Raisonance to develop the exchanges in order to evaluate the different projects.

The last decision made will be in the hands of the judges.

The following prizes will be awarded:

  • $5,000 First Prize
  • $2,500 Second Prize
  • $1,500 Third Prize
  • and five (5) Honorable Mention prizes that consist of « $200 plus one RLink Pro for ARM (value +$1000)

The overall value of the prizes is evaluated to $15000+ (including $10000 in cash ).