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# 1   2014-05-27 13:48:02 How to use SWV with CircleOS?

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How to use SWV with CircleOS?


I'm new here.
I've recently got a EvoPrimer with STM32C target board.

I can't understand how to use SWV with CircleOS application.

I could execute the TEST_SWV example included in Ride7 software, and see the SWV message in the SWV software trace window.
So I understand the setting of Ride7 for SWV debugging.

However I can't understand what should I do to use SWV with new CircleOS project.

Please give me an advice.

Thank you in advance.



# 2   2014-05-28 05:56:59 How to use SWV with CircleOS?

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Re: How to use SWV with CircleOS?

If you want to use SVW as printf debug utility in CircleOS, you have to follow the same way than the TEST_SW : configure Ride (you can take a look at the provided documentation "Getting starting with Ride7 for ARM"), and add the little code to implement the printf and the WriteITM functions into your application.

Notice that we have simplify the procedure by implementing SWV in the putchar library provided with Ride7. It will be included into the next release of KitARM, which will be available at the begin of June. So, it would not be necessary to modify the application code for using printf.



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