Maze 1.1
Maze game inspired from the famous Pacman

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Use circleOS:yes (1.5) Creation date:2007-07-19 14:08:36
Hardware modification:no Modification date:2010-12-14 15:04:28
Based on the STM32 Primer:All
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Revision by Raisonance :

This archive is updated with a Ride project adapted to Primer2.


You have to eat the white points in a maze without meeting any ghosts. The bigger white points make you able to eat the ghosts for a short time.
If a ghost touches the maze explorer, a life is lost. The game is finished when all the points are eaten or when all the lives are lost.
The third best scores are recorded.

There is 1 Level. The speed depends on the CPU speed setting available in Config menu of CircleOS.

Use the mems to move the maze explorer and enjoy !

Revision 1.1:

This revision updates the Maze game to compile and work correctly under CircleOS v1.5.