SDCard Explorer 1.1
SD card File explorer for Primer2

Code size:1k Author:sjoerd
Source files included:yes Version:1.1
Use circleOS:yes (circleOSversion) Creation date:2009-01-31 12:39:24
Hardware modification:no Modification date:2009-02-13 10:32:15
Based on the STM32 Primer:Primer2
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This project implements a simple file explorer that displays the directory structure on the SD card.The included CircleOs binary include a SDIO driver and a Fat12/16/32 implementation based on DosFS. This a demo project to show usage of the SD card.


This project is aimed to be a demo project about how to use the CircleOS filesystem. It can display PRM (converted BMP, JPG, etc) images with a sample viewer.

Included in this project an application to convert BMP, JPG, etc files to PRM with the functionality to scale the image to a desired resolution.


Current layout of PRM image file:


8byte header:

- byte 0: height

- byte 1: width

- 6 bytes for future use

- pixel data (2 bytes per pixel)



FS interface functions:

u32 FS_Mount(enum STORAGE_device device);
u32 FS_Unmount(enum STORAGE_device device);
u32 FS_OpenFile(PVOLINFO volinfo, u8 *path, u8 mode, PFILEINFO fileinfo);
u32 FS_ReadFile(PFILEINFO fileinfo,  u8 *buffer, u32 *successcount, u32 len);
u32 FS_WriteFile(PFILEINFO fileinfo,  u8 *buffer, u32 *successcount, u32 len);
u32 FS_Close(PFILEINFO fileinfo);
void FS_Seek(PFILEINFO fileinfo, u32 offset);
u32 FS_Delete(PVOLINFO volinfo, u8 *path);
u32 FS_GetNextEntry(PVOLINFO volinfo, PDIRINFO dirinfo, PDIRENT dirent);
u32 FS_OpenDirectory(PVOLINFO volinfo,u8 *dirname, PDIRINFO dirinfo);
u32 FS_GetVolumeInfo(u8 unit,  u32 startsector, PVOLINFO volinfo);



This is a snapshot of my current work in progress with partially integrated jpg decompressor