font_converter 1.3
Windows (PC) utility to convert fonts for use in CircleOS

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This is a Windows application which will convert a regular font (like you would use in MS Word) to a C array.  The array should be copied into font_spe.c (within CircleOS).  You also need to update Font_Table with the new size (if applicable).

I've found that monospaced fonts work best with this utility (i.e., Courier, Terminal, Console, etc.).  Note that, if the font has a height that is greater than 16, you need to set the height back to 16 before you save it.  CircleOS 4.1 only supports fonts with a maximum height of 16 pixels. 

I included the source code for this application (I built the code with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.)  I did not write it myself, I only modified the output format so it would work with CircleOS.  I did, however, obtain permission to modify and distribute it from the author, Lee Atkins, for the good of the Circle OS community.  There is no doubt improvements can be made to this:

- Better support for non-monospaced fonts
- A way to trim off whitespace leftover after a conversion
- Better visualization of how the fonts will look when they appear on the Primer LCD

Please feel free to post any updates you might make or send them to me!

   - Added ability to offset the characters vertically during conversion.  Leave the "Y offset" field blank (or set to 0) for no offset.  A positive value shifts the characters down, a negative value shifts them up.  For example, to get 8pt Courier New to fit in a 7x11 font, change the Width/Height to 7x11 and set the offset to 4 (see screen shot).