Font example 1.0
Shows the font capabilites of the CircleOS v4

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Based on the STM32 Primer:All
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This small project demonstrates the new font management  with CircleOS version 4.1.

It display texts with different fonts and different magnifying :

  • predefined fonts provided by the CircleOS : 7x14, 10x16 and big numbers,
  • special fonts provided by the application (font.h) : 7x11, 16x16 and symbols.

 API's used :  

 LCD_ChangeFont(ID) : choose the current font among the predefined fonts (Primer system (7x14),  Medium font (10x16) or Big Numbers, with magnifying x1 or x2, depending on the platform).

LCD_SetFont(&font) : add your personal font by using your own pointer to your font and LCD_SetFontDef() with the associated font definition (ID, font width, font height, default magnification coefficient, first ASCII code of the font, last ASCII code of the font, pointer to the font, font name.

LCD_SetTransparency(ON/OFF) : allows to display any text over any background image.

 Notes :  

  • the application has been developped on Open4/EvoPrimer  STM32E but is binary compatible with Primer 1, Primer 2  and other Open4/EvoPrimer STM32 platforms, and source compatible with STM8L platform. 
  • the application shows also the use of the API "UTIL_GetPrimerType" in order to detect the platform on wich the application runs (1 for Primer 1, 2 for Primer 2 and 4 for EvoPrimer).
  • the application shows the limit of the transparency function, which don't work with big fonts or big magnifying, due to a limited RAM buffer used.

Version V1.0

  •  First release.