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# 1   2014-07-28 05:51:29 ARM and STM32F3 discovery query

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ARM and STM32F3 discovery query

I am very new to ARM and i purchased STM32F3 Discovery kit.Before this i was working around PIC microcontrollers.
I am learning different literature, tutorials and examples of ARM and STM32F discovery kit.
I am confused about the CMSIS library and HAL libraries. What is the purpose of these libraries? how do they work and ease programming? Is it necessary to include these libraries in my project or not?
Kindly help me about this so that i can work on my project

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# 2   2015-01-05 09:48:03 ARM and STM32F3 discovery query

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Re: ARM and STM32F3 discovery query


The Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) supports developers and vendors in creating reusable software components for ARM Cortex-M based systems.
The ARM Cortex-M3 processor is the first core from ARM specifically designed for the Microcontroller market. This core includes many common features (NVIC, Timer, Debughardware) needed for this market. This will enable developers to port and reuse software (e.g. a real time kernel) with much less effort to Cortex-M3 based MCUs.
With a significant amount of hardware components being identical, a large portion of the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) can be identical. However, reality has shown that lacking a common standard we find a variety of HAL/driver libraries for different devices, which, as far as the Cortex-M3 part is concerned essentially do the same thing – just differently.

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