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# 1   2014-02-21 17:35:51 STM32 Recommendation

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STM32 Recommendation

I want to start a video project that supports XGA from a CMOS imager.   I require color graphical and text overlay on video (30fps+), multiple layer.  I don't just want to port the video stream to an XGA display but I also want to store the video and stills on an SD Card (composite of video + overlay, stills + overlay).  This requires I need some compression mechanism (H.264 or otherwise) .  I realize with the latter requirement I will probably need to enlist a chip which is specifically designed to encode, such as those from Geo Semiconductor.   I need something which will be low power, as this is a battery application - most likely using CR2.  Finally, I need quick boot times ( < 1 second ) so I am thinking I need to use some RTOS versus Linux or Windows CE type system for programming purposes.  Recommendations?



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Re: STM32 Recommendation



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